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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

All classes start and end on time. We recommend that you get to the studio 10-15 minutes in advance of class to ensure you’re ready to dance when class begins. Please use that time to get dressed, clear your head, stretch, or socialize with your fellow dancers. Otherwise, please arrive on time and ready to dance. No children are allowed in the studio without permission from the instructor. If your question is not answered in the questions below, please email us and we’ll respond as quickly as possible! Happy dancing!

Can I do drop-ins?

YES! You can drop in to Level 1 at any time. It is recommended that you sign up at the beginning of the course, however, to get the discounted rate. There is review built into each week, so you'll have an idea of what was taught the weeks prior. If you've completed a level 2 course in the past, you are welcome to join the course at any time at the drop-in rate. Levels 3 and 4 have specific requirements. Please contact us for details.
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Can I start with private lessons?

We do offer private lessons and you may start to learn ATS with private lessons. However, for your benefit it is recommended that you wait to book private lessons until after completing a 6-week Fundamentals Course, if possible, to allow you to see the group dynamic that is ATS.

Where do I get zils?

Finger cymbals (aka zils) can be purchased at or elsewhere online. If you do not find them at, we recommend, Saroyan Mastercrafts, Tribe Nawaar, or Turqiouse International. A good starter pair of cymbals will cost between $18-25.

What happens if I miss a class? Do my fees carry forward?

We recommend that you follow up with your instructor, outside of class time, if you are absent to inquire what material was covered in class. The class format is listed below for your convenience. Do your best to study at home with instructional DVDs. Unfortunately, class fees paid in advance do NOT forward into the next month unless the instructor must unexpectedly cancel classes for that day. Otherwise, class fees paid in advance are good for the month paid only; it’s the student’s responsibility to attend classes regularly and use all classes paid for.
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How long will it take me to get to Level 4 and performing?

That’s a great question and unfortunately not one we have an exact answer to. Dancers learn at their own individual pace. The best thing we suggest is consistent class attendance and home practice to help you excel. Come to class ready to learn, ask questions, and work hard. You’ll have a good understanding of the core concepts within a couple of months of consistent classes. We also recommend repetition of the Fundamentals whenever possible as Fundamentals is the foundation to this dance form. A solid understanding of the Fundamentals will help set you up for success on your dance journey! Level 3 and level 4/performance prep is by invite only. Your instructor will invite you to join Level 3 or Level 4 when she feels you are ready for that challenge. Moving into these levels is a very big commitment to your dance, your dance sisters, your time, and your finances. Once you are moved into Level 3, you are required to simultaneously repeat Level 1 & 2 for one session. As well, entrance into Level 3 may not be permanent. Joining Level 4 means you are also interested in pursuing this dance form on a professional level. Once you are moved into Level 4, you are required to simultaneously repeat Level 3 for one calendar year and/or take regularly scheduled private lessons if you cannot attent Level 3 classes. If you are falling behind in your attendance or having difficulties in the class room, the teacher reserves the right to decide to move you back into Level 2 or 3 only. If you do not want to commit to regular attendance, or more than one class per week, it is best to stay in Level 2.
6 6 3 3 What should I wear to class? At first you should wear something comfortable or similar to what you would wear to a yoga or fitness class.  When you want to purchase costuming, we recommend a long skirt (preferrably 25 yards), hip scarf or hip shawl, pantaloons or tights, and a choli style top.  Barefoot or flat dance shoes only, hair off the shoulders. No blue jeans, no chewing gum.       1 1 2 2 Level 1 doesn’t work for my schedule, can I start in Level 2 and follow along? Unfortunately, no.  Your fellow students depend on the fact that you know the material they do, which means you would have completed a Level 1 session.  It's not fair to the class as a whole to compensate or to move at a slower pace to accommodate you.  There is a wealth of material learned in Level 1 that will set you up for success in your dance.  You owe it to yourself to learn the material. If you absolutely cannot make the Level 1 day/time and still want to learn, we recommend getting a couple of girlfriends together and booking semi-private lessons with the teacher. 8 8 I have previous belly dance experience. Where should I start? All students, regardless of dance experience, will start in Level 1, Fundamentals. American Tribal Style® has its own movement vocabulary which is very specific.  Unless you have ATS® experience with another FCBD® Sister Studio, it is recommended that you start in Fundmentals as it is the foundation to the dance form.       7 7 I want to learn your ATS sword vocabulary. Do I have to know ATS? While our ATS sword vocabulary may be adapted for use in other belly dance styles, we developed our sword vocabulary to compliment American Tribal Style belly dance as created by Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman. We recommend you have a very good working knowledge of slow ATS vocabulary prior to taking a sword class or private lesson in order to get the most out of our classes 9 9